Thursday, June 21, 2012

With the advent of internet social networking sites such as Face book and Twitter emerges the danger of saying the wrong thing! Many law firms are now searching for the Facebook pages of opposing parties or witnesses in cases, looking for information which can hurt the other party/witness or undermine their credibility in the case. You would be surprised what they find! Many people do not even realize that they can control their privacy settings.

Please keep this in mind: a.) Keep the privacy settings on your accounts as restrictive as possible-if they are public, the defense can access them and copy content from your account. Go to the small arrow to the right of the “home” link on your FB page. Click on “privacy settings.” You then have the option of choosing public, friends, or custom. If you choose public, everyone can see your page. b.) Do not accept friend requests from anyone you do not know. c.) Think before you post-can what you are about to post be considered adverse to your ongoing claim? This includes photos. d.) Do not discuss your case on your account or any other public site where anyone can go and read it.

Also, aside from your legal case, think twice about posting that you are about to go away on vacation, which is like an open invitation to burglars. You might also want to consider that venting about that nasty annoying boss or co-employee on Facebook is NOT a good idea!

Published as a community service by personal injury attorney Joyce J. Sweinberg.


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