Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Can I Help You?

I work together with experts to ensure you get the best result and the best representation possible. There is no attorney fee unless we recover money damages for you... How can I help you?

Over the years, my practice has centered on helping victims of negligence and work injuries. I am a lawyer who can help you with auto accidents and negligence cases which include slip and fall, dog bite, construction accidents, wrongful death, product liability and medical malpractice, work injuries and social security matters. I limit the number and type of cases I handle so that I can serve you personally and know your case thoroughly. You will not feel as if you are just a file among many- your case is important to me and you will be treated with respect and prompt personal service. Phone calls are returned quickly and your questions answered as thoroughly as possible. 
If your case is not in my area of practice, I can put you in the hands of an attorney who is best equipped to handle your specific case. I have been in practice since 1981 and I know the attorneys in the area who are best suited to your needs. I will work with only the best attorneys to assure you the best representation for your problem.  REFERRALS

Call me at 215-752-3732 for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.
or email me at jjsesq@comcast.net

Please note that your case can often overlap into other areas of the law. It is better to coordinate all of your problems through one office since there are so many issues that relate to one another and need to be coordinated among the attorneys who work together as a team to assure you the best result. For example, if you are injured in an auto accident while working on the job and then you cannot work at all, you may have cases in all three areas-auto accident, workers' compensation and social security disability. Sometimes one benefit source takes an offset or a credit because you are receiving another benefit. This can become complicated and people can lose money if it is not handled properly. Medicare Set Asides have become mandatory; workers’ compensation carriers are entitled to subrogation against third party recoveries for payments made by them and credit for unemployment compensation benefits received by a claimant; private health insurance carriers can assert liens against recoveries for payments made for medical expenses. This can become confusing and overwhelming for the injure plaintiff. These issues are negotiated for you so they are resolved when your case comes to a conclusion. 

"I Will Come To You If You Are Injured."